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Dan R. Heinrich, President & CEO

Mr. Heinrich currently serves as President and CEO of ADP Holdings, Ltd., which he co-founded in 2008. Mr. Heinrich is an entrepreneur with worldwide connections, promoting environmentally-friendly (non-toxic, biodegradable) solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial needs. ADP Holdings provides unmatched industry expertise, product evaluation techniques and project management, training, and project funding to escalate green initiatives. Prior to founding ADP Holdings, Mr. Heinrich served in various management assignments for large IT corporations, including Electronic Data Systems (EDS), Recognition Research, Inc., and SunGard Workflow Solutions. Mr. Heinrich holds a BS, Business Administration degree and Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from California State University, Fresno. Mr. Heinrich currently resides in Rancho Cordova, CA.

Burdett L. Hallett, Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Hallett currently serves as Chief Operating Officer of ADP Holdings, and he has 30 years of executive management experience. Prior to joining ADP in 2009, Mr. Hallett served as Managing Partner of Hallett Consulting Services, LLC (HCS), a management consulting company. Prior to HCS, Mr. Hallett served as President and CEO of Matrix Imaging Products, Inc., an information systems/services company. Prior to co-founding Matrix Imaging in 1996, Mr. Hallett served as President and CEO of Photomatrix Corporation, a developer/manufacturer of high-speed scanners for clients, including EDS, where he met Mr. Heinrich in 1990. Prior to 1986, Mr. Hallett served as Vice President, Marketing & Sales for Memcom International, an international systems integration firm; Worldwide Marketing Manager for AM International Corporation, Bruning Division, and in a variety of field sales and marketing assignments for Eastman Kodak. Mr. Hallett holds a BS, Management degree from the University of South Dakota, and he currently resides in Huntington Beach, CA.

Greg Garrott, Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Garrott currently serves as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of ADP Holdings, having come to ADP with 19 years of CFO experience. In 2008, Mr. Garrott founded and served as CEO of Green Tec Edge, a company dedicated to bringing innovative, environmentally responsible products to market. In 2000, Mr. Garrott co-founded Ameriwest Financial, Inc. and Townsend Direct, Inc. and served as CFO for both companies. In 1994, Mr. Garrott accepted the position of CFO for Integrated TeleServices, Inc. Mr. Garrott started his career in the Financial Services Industry in 1975, serving individual clients at EF Hutton and Kemper Securities. Mr. Garrott holds a BS, Agricultural Economics and Business Management degree from the University of California, Davis. Mr. Garrott currently resides in Carmichael, CA.

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