Plasma Arc Gasification

Plasma Arc Gasification (PAG) technology is rapidly emerging as the best response to many increasingly acute and expensive waste disposal and energy problems.  It is a flexible, reliable, and clean energy technology that can turn low-value feed stocks into high-value products, reduce the usage of oil and natural gas, and provide a clean alternative source of base load electricity, fuels, and chemicals.

The centerpiece of a PAG System is its gasification chamber, where plasma arc torches are located.  These torches create intensely high heat of 5,000o to 15,000o F (exceeding temperatures found on the sun's surface) in an oxygen deprived environment to convert waste material into a basic molecular state. In doing so, the organic fraction is converted into a synthetic gas (SynGas) to be used for energy recovery, and the inorganic fraction is converted into useful byproducts (please see the list shown below).

PAG's key benefits include:

  • Proven, safe technology
  • Processes virtually any waste stream (toxic, medical, industrial, electronic, hazardous, MSW, agricultural)
  • Produces a wide range of highly profitable byproducts
    • Electricity, construction materials, synthetic fuels (ethanol, methanol, etc.), chemicals, rock wool, molten slag, recyclable ceramic-type tiles, algae by-products, metal reclamation
  • Reduces or eliminates harmful emissions
  • Virtually eliminates the need for landfills
  • Scalable to accommodate large waste volume (several thousand tons per day)
  • Helps municipalities meet local, state, federal, and international requirements for reduced emissions

PAG technology provides the greatest value in the application of a world class technology to solve one of the world's greatest environmental needs; the disposal of man-made waste in an environmentally responsible and economically attractive manner.

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