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Industrial pipes in a thermal power plant

Project Description

Project Overview

ADP is actively pursuing a Waste to Energy project with a municipality located in Sacramento County, California.  The project will start with the planned use of one (1) Catalytec CFC 700TM System that will convert Municipal Solid Waste (“MSW”) and other feedstocks into approximately 1.3M gallons of synthetic fuel per year.  The project plan has a projected payback in 1.5 – 2.0 years.  The CFC 700 will be located in an existing building, which has room – and sufficient electrical power – for up to five (5) CFC 700 units, along with storage tanks for the fuel.  In addition, there is a large parcel of land nearby for storing and sorting waste, as well as rail spur access for the import of additional feedstock and delivery of the output fuel.  ADP has a feedstock commitment from a local waste handling company that is in close proximity to our proposed plant location.  ADP intends to use this site as a large-scale operational facility, and as a reference site for other prospective clients. ADP is actively pursuing project capital for this project.

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