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green energyRenewable Fuel technology enables the production of fuel from waste materials, such as used motor oil, fats, greases, waste vegetable oil, waste plastic materials (grocery bags, water bottles, etc.), and municipal solid waste (“MSW”). The commercial potential for this exciting technology is based on the urgent need to address these large and rapidly growing environmental problems, and to provide a new source of new, clean fuels (sulfur content of 15ppm or lower) for cars, trucks, jets, heavy construction equipment, and marine engines at stable, competitive market price levels.

Catalytec, Inc., an ADP business partner, develops state-of-the-art, Renewable Fuel plants which transform waste materials into a middle distillate, high quality synthetic fuel. Catalytec’s technology, Catalytic Fractionated Conversion (CFC), is a “pressure-less” process to depolymerize these waste materials and produce synthetic fuel for transportation, aviation, marine, and heating oil applications.

A single 4-Unit CFC 700 facility is capable of producing up to 5.0 million gallons of synthetic fuel per year for post processing (sulfur removal, etc.), eliminating the need to import 130,000 barrels of crude oil. With the establishment of 1,000 CFC plants throughout the USA, capacity will be available to produce 5.0 billion gallons of diesel fuel, eliminating the need to import 130 million barrels of crude oil annually; approximately 1.8% of the current annual consumption of crude oil in the USA.

Renewable Fuel products can be post-processed into:

  • Jet-A Diesel for airplanes
  • Diesel #2 (ASTM-D978) for cars and trucks
  • Diesel #3 and #4 for ships, heavy production equipment, and industrial diesel engines
  • Home Heating Fuel (ASTM-D396)

Catalytec technology offers the long-term potential to convert millions of gallons of used motor oils, biomass wastes, and MSW into synthetic fuel and eliminate as much as 5%+ of the annual crude oil imports into the USA.

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