iStock_000005278448Medium - page 6Hydrogen, nature’s most abundant element, is the cleanest and most potent source of energy. In terms of atomic energy, one (1) gallon of water has more energy than 2.5 million barrels of oil. However, the challenge has always been to find a method to cost-effectively extract pure hydrogen from water to produce energy for on-demand consumption. In the past eighteen (18) months, HydroStar has solved this problem and developed a unique hydrogen production solution, which will be patented and marketed worldwide.

HydroStar’s technology, which includes a totally green, non-corrosive electrolyte and devices which separate hydrogen and oxygen, will improve the efficiency of small-to-large engines, reduce the need for and dependence on fossil fuels, significantly reduce emissions, and improve the global environment. Using our hydrogen technology will deliver a cleaner fuel burn, which significantly improves fuel economy, reduces harmful emissions, and enables a longer engine life.

The HydroStar principals (Darrel Smith and Gary Nicholson) have had a long-term, close working relationship with ADP, and they will participate as members of the senior executive team in the establishment and operation of a subsidiary company, to be named ADP HYDROGEN POWER, INC. (“AHP”).

AHP is being formed to develop and execute its business plan initially in forty-four (44) large USA vertical markets, and subsequently in other countries, after acquiring additional geographic license rights. AHP will patent the HydroStar hydrogen technology in each licensed country, and will own the patent rights.

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